Desert Island Disks

I wanted to put up a list of music I liked, but wasn't sure what to do....  Should I just list hundreds of tracks, or my top ten (which, let's face it, would be all Damned all of the time)?

But then, we know how to do this, don't we?  The BBC got this right a long time ago.  So here are my 8 Desert Island Disks - not necessarily my favourits, but a mix of songs I would be happy to have with me on the fabled Desert Island.  Okay, so it's punk-biased, but then I'm a child of my era - and at least I don't feel the need to pretend to like Classical music (which is nice background music for films or when you're out having a meal, but give me a break - listen to it by itself?  Don't think so.)

  • New Rose - The Damned
  • Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones
  • Complete Control - The Clash
  • Sit Down - James
  • She's Lost Control Again - Joy Division
  • Heroin - Velvet Underground
  • Banana Splits - The Dickies
  • Get Off Of My Cloud - Rolling Stones

You'll notice the top song is New Rose - the first ever UK punk single.

I first saw the Damned in 1979, in Blackburn Lancashire in front of a large, aggressive audience. It was menacing, incredibly loud, and a huge experience. About the only song I could make out was the wonderful Neat Neat Neat. I only really became a Damned fan afterwards (I'd been more interested in the support band, The Ruts). I most recently saw the Damned last Xmas in Preston. The atmosphere was much friendlier - amazing the difference the change from speed to ecstacy has made to the attitude of your average tatooed meat-head...

I've always felt that music was wholly personal, that there were no absolute standards of what was good, just what you liked. So how come, when I went to see Final Damnation (way back in the 80s, so not even pen-pen-pen-ultimate Damnation, as it turned out, but definitely the best concert I've ever seen: excellent video too), the band played all but one of my favourite songs - and nothing else. How come the band had the same view that I did of which were their really great songs? A puzzle to which I have no ready answer. For the record, my favourte Damned tracks are:

  • New Rose
  • Neat Neat Neat
  • Feel Alright
  • Born To Kill
  • See Her Tonite
  • Plan 9 Channel 7
  • Lookin' At You
  • Noise Noise Noise
  • Love Song
  • Fan Club
  • I Fall
  • I Just Can't Be Happy Today
  • Smash It Up
  • Wait For The Blackout