Java, Silverlight and HTML5
Over the years, I've written a few web games just for the fun of it or to learn new technologies.  Some go all the way back to my first days as a Web developer back in the 20th Century before I started working with Microsoft technologies.  I taught myself my first language - Java - by writing games; and since it seems a shame to leave them unplayed, I thought I'd put them up here.

There are two games - "Single Combat" and "La La Ladders".  They should work in most browsers these days.  The first is akin to battleships, the second is a version of snakes and ladders with celebrity contestants.  Enjoy. 

Single Combat
LaLaLadders (Java)

I've also taken the La La Ladders game and rewritten it as both a Silverlight and an HTML5 application.  You can find those here:

LaLaLadders (HTML5)
LaLaLadders (Silverlight)

I've also added in another page with some Java on it.  In this case, it's just a little animation of an eclipse, that I did for a web page based around Jan Mark's novel "Eclipse of the Century" - which I heartily recommend to you all.  Jan died far too young, and with too many books unwritten, but she has still left us a legacy of wonderful writing, including the book that inspired the Web page.  I am glad to say that she did get to see the page - and wrote to me to tell me that it made her very happy.  It was nice to think that I had repaid a little of the pleasure that her work has given me over the years.

The Eclipse of the Century